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Alpine® Waterdescaler: We are exclusive supplier Alpine® Water Descaler new generation and Alpine® All-in-one / All-in-one XL descalers.
No trouble with lime (calcium) scale anymore
For all: home and Industrial use.

Total solutions from  € 199,-
Save £ 250 – £ 500 / year


Many households and industries have trouble with with lime (calcium) scale. Hardwater causes a lot of damage and unnecessary costs:

  • production disturbances
  • repairs
  • early exchange
  • descaling Salts
  • detergents
  • watersofteners and chemicals
  • high energy- and waterbills

Fitting an Alpine® Water Descaler new generation  prevents you from having these problems and old lime (calcium) scale will be removed. Recommended by many satisfied users and leading trademagazines worldwide. You wil save approx. £ 250 – £ 500 / year on your household budget: year after year….

You can order directly in the aquashop.

Superb for EveryBody

No risk: 4 month trial is possible (not satisfied = full refund, aask us for the conditions).

  • professional support desk
  • maintenance free
  • easy to fit (D.I.Y.)
  • uses no energy (electric)
  • no pipe cutting
  • supurb technical guarantee
  • one off purchase
  • module is transferrable
  • 100% environmental friendly

Our company is specialised in the development, production, import and export of professional waterdescalers. The production and the delivery withstand the quality demands. All our waterdescalers are being produced according to the traditional craftmanship with which these products are being manufactured since 1895. This is the only way we believe we can guarantee the unique specifications of our waterdescalers. These products wil continue to work according to your satisfaction a lifetime long! So we are not afraid to offer you upto a lifetime technical guarantee. The last decades many of satisfied worldwide users can state our quality product.


Mail us at info@alpinewaterontharder.nl